Press release: 3E’s spin-off DeltaQ more ready than ever to reduce CO2-emissions globally



With a proven concept, DeltaQ, a Brussels-based scale-up established in December 2019 as spin-off of 3E, focusing on reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings, attracted additional equity funding to fuel its international impact on CO2 reduction and to expand its commercial and operations teams. As from today, new CEO Khadija Nadi will lead the company towards achieving these goals and contributing significantly to worldwide sustainability targets.

The investment round was led by Impact Capital (holding Piet Colruyt) and Aconterra. Thomas Leysen, Elanti and the management also participated in the capital increase, next to 3E’s shareholdership.

The solution

DeltaQ has developed and is commercialising a machine learning solution that continuously optimizes building controls (heating, cooling, ventilation) to reduce energy consumption, CO2-emissions while also improving the indoor climate in commercial buildings. DeltaQ typically reduces CO2-emissions for its customers by 15% to 40% and can contribute significantly to reduce global climate change. The company can realize this ambitious target without requiring big investments (such as additional insulation). Payback times of the solution are limited to a few months.

DeltaQ’s solution has so many benefits for different stakeholders within a building and international sustainability agreements, it can be a real game-changer when it comes to smart solutions in this area.

Ron Schuermans of Aconterra, is specialized in property technology. He says: “We consider DeltaQ’s solution as one of the most effective solutions to significantly reduce CO2-emissions and increase efficiency in the built environment. That is why we have decided to invest in DeltaQ.”

The company

Piet Colruyt, founder of Impact Capital, who has seen many start-ups and scale ups come and go, says: “DeltaQ possesses everything to make a significant impact on global climate change: an easy solution, a great track record, and a dedicated team.”

DeltaQ was incorporated in 2019 as a spin-off of the Belgian company 3E, a leader in renewable energy solutions, after having been in incubation for more than three years. Meanwhile some of the largest asset owners and managers in the world use DeltaQ’s solutions.

The plan to reach DeltaQ’s ambitions have been developed by the new CEO, Khadija Nadi, who was with DeltaQ as a director. She is officially appointed as CEO immediately following the capital increase. Werner Koninckx, chairman of DeltaQ: “Khadija has a wealth of experience in strategy, marketing, global sales and building businesses. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated strong leadership in various settings and business sectors. We are thrilled with Khadija joining as CEO to lead DeltaQ.”

How it all started

The seed for DeltaQ lies within the Buildings Consultancy Department of 3E. Each of the 3 founders of DeltaQ (Roel De Coninck, Dirk Devriendt and Matthijs Dedeygere) worked in that department as consultant, building simulation expert and/or software architect.

In collaboration with 3E, Roel De Coninck started working on a PhD research entitled “Grey-box based optimal control for thermal systems in buildings – Unlocking energy efficiency and flexibility” in 2010 at KU Leuven. After his graduation in 2015, 3E launched a pilot project at HR-service company Sodexo. Thanks to DeltaQ’s predictive control of the 10,000m2 building, the gas consumption was reduced by 44% and the electricity consumption by 21%. In December 2019 DeltaQ was formally founded as a spin-off of 3E.

About DeltaQ: DeltaQ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that uses machine learning technology to continuously steer HVAC systems of buildings by using all available building and weather forecast data. The company is a spin-off of 3E, a Brussels based sustainable energy technology company. DeltaQ’s open architecture can easily integrate with existing Building Management Systems and Proptech platform technologies.

About Impact Capital:
Impact Capital is the impact holding founded by Piet Colruyt. Impact Capital wants to play a fundamental role in enabling and scaling up impact organisations. The holding starts from the conviction that we can tackle our current societal challenges and create positive societal impact by inspiring citizens and investing in innovative, impact driven, businesses.

About Aconterra: Aconterra is a focused ‘Smart Building Technology’ venture capital fund. It finances and supports European early stage companies that make buildings more intelligent and energy efficient, safer and better to live or work in. As an open ended ‘evergreen’ fund, Aconterra aims for long term value and impact while creating an ecosystem for its investors and portolio companies. Aconterra is based in Antwerp, Belgium –

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