Learn more about our research on cost-effective mesoscale simulations at the online WindEurope Technology Workshop



From 8 to 11 June, you will have the opportunity to meet David Schillebeeckx, Wind Energy Consultant for 3E, at the online WindEurope Technology Workshop. David will present 3E’s research on ‘Cost-effective mesoscale simulations by downscaling ERA5 data’ at the virtual poster session of this event focussing on Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms.

Long-term (20-year) mesoscale simulations are the basis for the development of a wind atlas or are used as high-quality long-term reference datasets. These long simulations are however costly in terms of computational efforts and their associated price. Therefore, 3E developed a hybrid statistical/dynamical downscaling solution based on long-term ERA5 data, short-term WRF simulations and the Gradient Boosting method. The validation of this model chain showed that it is able to bridge the gap between the large synoptic scale (reanalysis) and the mesoscale and generate high-quality long-term mesoscale data at a much lower cost than a brute force WRF simulation.

For more information about our method of calculation and detailed results, we invite you to join us at poster board PO114 and have a chat with 3E’s wind energy consultants.

Registration for the online WindEurope Technology Workshop: here

This study has been carried out by David Schillebeeckx, Mathieu Vandecasteele and Grégoire Leroy from 3E. This work is part of the Prédiction Opérationnelle pour le Petit Eolien (POPE) project that is carried out with the support of the MecaTech Cluster under Walloon DG06 funding (Agreement n° 7961).