Vision & mission

July 8, 2013

Our Vision on Energy

We are convinced a fully renewable energy powered future is within reach and can be attained in a cost-effective manner.

Our Mission

We provide consultancy services and software products to improve the performance of sustainable energy systems and optimize energy consumption.

At the crossroads between research and the market, we focus on passionately pursuing the latest innovations and providing the best energy intelligence and solutions for our customers.

Our Strength

People make the difference. Our strength comes from our diverse team of experts and our inspiring partnerships with customers, visionary academics and industry pioneers.

We are committed to bringing together and developing bright men and women who embody our values and share our vision.

Our Values


We are independent from technology and energy providers and accountable for our results. All our experts are focused on providing optimal solutions for our customers, in the best interest of society.


We believe in the power of imagination and are intent on creatively shaping innovation into valuable solutions.


We continuously improve our methodologies and models to ensure that the results we provide can be counted on fully by our customers when developing their ideas and projects.


We believe that diversity enhances the open-mindedness needed in a rapidly evolving world. We foster this diversity throughout our company to bring the best of today and tomorrow’s knowledge to our customers.